Who are we?


Mutlucan Salt, established in Ankara on December 2005, is one of the leading salt producers in Turkey.

The company has a yearly production capacity of 1.5 million with their Mutlucan Tuz facilities in the Ankara district Şereflikoçhisar, Salt Lake and Kayacık Tuzlası and salt extraction, processing, packaging and mechanical refined salt production are amongst the companies activities.

Production Capacity
1.5 Million Tons

Production Capacity

Pool Capacity
10.7 Million m²

Pool Capacity

Export Into
15 Countries

Export Into



Leader Of Quality In Salt
Our company, which is one of the leading companies since the year of our establishment, aims to produce the best quality salt of Turkey with its experience and quality in the market.
One Of The Leaders Of The Salt Sector
Mutlucan Tuz is proud of being one of the leaders of the salt industry and of producing quality salt with its big production capacity, expert staff and the quality of salt it produces.
Production Untouched By Human Hands
From the first until the last step the production is carried out within the framework of quality and hygiene rules, untouched by human hands with an automatic closed system and only after sensitive laboratory tests the products are presented to the consumer.
1.5 Million Ton Production Capacity
Mutlucan Tuz is separated from other companies in the market with its advanced technology, expert staff and production capacity. Our company has an average annual salt production capacity of 1.5 million tons.