Salt Lake

The Salt Lake is located in Central Anatolia Region between the provinces Ankara, Konya and Aksaray. 40% of Turkey’s salt needs are provided from this lake. The salt in Salt Lake is formed by the submergence of meteorological waters and the melting of salt domes that have been formed before and transporting them along the tectonic lines.

Salt Lake, the second largest lake in terms of surface area of Turkey, is at the deepest level of a wide tectonic pit buried among the platelets around it. This pit is formed by tectonic movements in the Neogene strata. The pit, in which Salt Lake is located, is surrounded by faulting from east, west and south. In the quaternary strata, the surface area of the lake has shrunk due to less rainy climatic conditions. The lake, which has become smaller in time, has reached its present condition.

Resource : Wikipedia

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